Malakoff Médéric, a french health-insurance provider, invites its members to discover MyBiody Balance.

MyBiody Balance is the only connected health device offering an instant body check-up.

15 AVRIL 2015
About Malakoff Médéric : French leading player in supplemental retirement health and employee benefits plans, Malakoff Médéric has been present in employee savings plans for 40 years. It’s a non-profit, paritarian institution, whose ambition is to take care of the health, wellbeing and successful aging of their members and their dependants for all of their lives.

Free public initiation sessions in every Malakoff stores

From April 7 to 19, Malakoff Mederic stores invite its members, as well as anyone who is interested, to discover and try MyBiody Balance in their premises. The French start-up partner with the health-insurance provider in order to present to the general public this innovative device delivering an immediate body check-up.

MyBiody Balance is aimed to everybody, particularly the sportsmen, seniors, and people who want to control their weight and health.

MyBiody Balance, an e-health innovation

Precursor of the Quantified Self and e-health trend, MyBiody Balance delivers you an immediate body checkup and informs you of any body balance excess or loss.

MyBiody Balance will help you lose weight and monitor your silhouette, maximize your sports performances and prevent your health on a longer-term … To collect data , MyBiody Balance is used on the right ankle, sending low-intensity beams, which covers the whole body. It transmits then the data using Bluetooth, for an immediate interpretation of the checkup on PC, mobile tablet and Smartphone at a price of 249 euros.

Malakoff Mederic, commited in favor of connected health

The health insurance provider goes one step further towards connected health and connected devices. Nowadays, medecine rhyme with new technologies. By offering its members the discover of this unique prevention device, Malakoff Mederic shows its commitment to the future of health monitoring.

30 MyBiody Balance to win

Malakoff gives the opportunity to win one MyBiody Balance by participate to its prize competition. The contest is totally free and without obligation of purchase, from April 7 to April 19 with the draw of the lots before May 31. To take part in the contest, you can fill in a form available in the stores or visit this page.

Download PDF
Download PDF
À propos de MYBIODY

MYBIODY est le seul appareil connecté du secteur e-santé qui permet d’établir un check-up corporel immédiat. MYBIODY est un appareil de prévention et de contrôle, qui permet à l’utilisateur de suivre les effets sur son organisme : de son alimentation, de son activité sportive et du vieillissement. Il est mobile, connecté sur tous systèmes et multi-utilisateur. Un appareil suffit pour chaque famille.

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MYBIODY is the only digital health wearable device able to establish an immediate health check up. MYBIODY is a prevention and monitoring tool allowing users to follow the effects on their health of : their diet, their physical activity, and ageing. It is a mobile, multi-platform, and multi-user device that is sufficient for whole family.

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