MYBIODY is not a scale : it gives you everything except your weight.

MYBIODY is an immediate body checkup device originated from the medical sector that gives you an accurate body composition masses by masses. It would be simplistic to compare MYBIODY with the others general public Bio Impedance scales.

05 JANUARY 2016
The bathroom scales measure only one mass : your weight. The modern scales understood very well that the weight was not enough. They included in their systems informative data about the distribution of the weight. This distribution includes : water, fat mass, muscle mass, and bone mass. Balance and a good proportion of those four elements that makes up your weight are essentials for a good health or good athlete performances. In light of our professional experience, MYBIODY delivers you primordial informations on your body composition that can be reliable at 95%.

MYBIODY is the only connected impedance device able to analyze your whole body.

The consumers connected scales measure only the lower body, and they give you a result calculated approximately for the rest of your body. Thanks to its "hand-foot" innovative and patented measuring process, MYBIODY is able to analyze the whole body. The majority of the connected scales are unable to detect precisely your hydration rate. MYBIODY instantly detect if you are dehydrated and if you are prone to water retention. A bone mineral index is given to you during each checkup : an exclusivity and a useful index for people sensitive to this issue. MYBIODY calculates very precisely and up to 200gr the muscle mass and fat mass.

MYBIODY : a family multifrequency impedance device

The connected scales are usually single-frequency : there is only one frequency conducting the measurement at the expense of accuracy and precision. MYBIODY is a multifrequency device. Several painless currents of various power move through the entire body and ensure the measure accuracy and the hydration calculation.

More than simple percentages, MYBIODY speaks in Lbs

So the user can discover the number of Lbs in excess or shortage for its fat mass, as well as its personal situation compared to healthy people with the same age and same gender. Everything is intended in order to improve the user understanding and to give him the opportunity to take care of themselves.

A personalised and unlimited service

MYBIODY is also a free and unlimited service at the disposal of its users. A complete, recreational and secured dashboard, where the user can also consult its measures history, set goals, share them with the people of its choice (coach, friends or doctor) and above all observe its progress over time.

A living system which updates with the last WHO studies and norms

Unlike some connected scales having their software inside the device, MYBIODY is a living system with algorithms updating frequently in order to ensure the results validity.

Download PDF
Download PDF

MYBIODY est le seul appareil connecté du secteur e-santé qui permet d’établir un check-up corporel immédiat. MYBIODY est un appareil de prévention et de contrôle, qui permet à l’utilisateur de suivre les effets sur son organisme : de son alimentation, de son activité sportive et du vieillissement. Il est mobile, connecté sur tous systèmes et multi-utilisateur. Un appareil suffit pour chaque famille.

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MYBIODY is the only digital health wearable device able to establish an immediate health check up. MYBIODY is a prevention and monitoring tool allowing users to follow the effects on their health of : their diet, their physical activity, and ageing. It is a mobile, multi-platform, and multi-user device that is sufficient for whole family.

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