MYBIODY presents its technology at the Ministry of Health

08 DECEMBER 2015
MYBIODY is one of the companies been selected by Axelle Lemaire , the French digital Secretary of State, to present its e-health solution at the Ministry of Health in the presence of its Minister, Ms Marisol Touraine.

MYBIODY : a French company illustrating the health digital ecosystem dynamism

The Jeudigital FrenchTech event (Digital Thursday) is an initiative from Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State of Digital. For its 11th session, the Jeudigital highlights digital initiatives in health. MYBIODY is part of the selected companies based upon their scalability capacity and ability to raise funds.

Connected doctors - patients for a better management of home-based health care

In front of the press, the medical world and public actors, MYBIODY had the opportunity to present the interaction between its two devices able to connect the professional to its patients and vice versa :

  • Biody Xpert, a professional diagnosis and prevention device benefiting from European Class IIa Medical Certification.
  • MYBIODY, a connected home device able to give an immediate checkup with a data accuracy unique in the e-health connected device market.

Health through body composition

This unique worldwide innovation allows an immediate analysis of its health while measuring our body composition. Our body is made of 4 masses : water, muscle, fat, and bone. Those 4 elements need a good balance to provide us with more health benefits. Biody Xpert, and MYBIODY its home device version, give the opportunity to identify this balance and to anticipate the ways to take action on potential imbalances. It's a preventive and monitoring device, addressed to people looking for sport performances (athletes), seniors who want to maintain their health, and people suffering from serious illness.

Patients committed players in their own health and proactive doctors

Simultaneous use of BiodyXpert and MYBIODY allows on one hand remote monitoring by the professionals of their patients, and on the other hand the patients to become actor of their own health. This solution is a genuine answer to home monitoring challenges : obesity, dehydration, malnutrition, or people with chronic illness.

The goal of the 11th Jeudigital session : valuing health innovations.

Every month, the Jeudigital takes place in a different ministry and allows seven startups to present their products and innovative services in front of investors, key accounts and public purchasers. Attended by Marisol Touraine, Health Minister and Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State of Digital, this event gathered the most promising new actors in the e-health, MedTech and BioTech area.

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MYBIODY est le seul appareil connecté du secteur e-santé qui permet d’établir un check-up corporel immédiat. MYBIODY est un appareil de prévention et de contrôle, qui permet à l’utilisateur de suivre les effets sur son organisme : de son alimentation, de son activité sportive et du vieillissement. Il est mobile, connecté sur tous systèmes et multi-utilisateur. Un appareil suffit pour chaque famille.

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MYBIODY is the only digital health wearable device able to establish an immediate health check up. MYBIODY is a prevention and monitoring tool allowing users to follow the effects on their health of : their diet, their physical activity, and ageing. It is a mobile, multi-platform, and multi-user device that is sufficient for whole family.

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