MYBIODY launch its first advertising video for TV

A scheduling of more than 200 broadcasts on the Canal+ group network are planned from the next december 1st to the 3rd of January.


MYBIODY presents its first advertising campaign

MYBIODY, the first immediate checkup connected device, has announced today the launching of its first advertising video campaign for television. From the 1st of December to the next January 3rd, a schedling of more than 200 broadcasts on the Canal+ group network are planned.

The objective of this campaign is to introduce our unique technology and to enhance our brand image. MYBIODY gives us the opportunity to self-care and to protect ourselves againts various health problems we might face. Oveweight, obesity, deshydration, a sudden loss of muscle mass or fat mass can be the first symptoms of major diseases for our health or from our loved ones.

In case of unbalances assessments, MYBIODY provides the first advices and recommandations. For the home monitoring and home care of some people, those assessments can be shared or sent automatically to the people of its choice. (Doctor, coach, family and friends...)

My life, my health, MYBIODY

Through TV spots of various lenghts (30s and 45s), MYBIODY plunges us in the life or everyone, retracing important steps like birth, childhood, studies, sport, love, weddings, ageing of every kind of persons. The staging is happening through various pictures in an easily identifiable 'Instagram' format, a disruptive modern concept in tune with our connected life. The pictures scroll quickly to the rythm of a touching and emotional sound relaying this subliminal message : we only have one life and one body ! Take care of them...

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MYBIODY est le seul appareil connecté du secteur e-santé qui permet d’établir un check-up corporel immédiat. MYBIODY est un appareil de prévention et de contrôle, qui permet à l’utilisateur de suivre les effets sur son organisme : de son alimentation, de son activité sportive et du vieillissement. Il est mobile, connecté sur tous systèmes et multi-utilisateur. Un appareil suffit pour chaque famille.

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MYBIODY is the only digital health wearable device able to establish an immediate health check up. MYBIODY is a prevention and monitoring tool allowing users to follow the effects on their health of : their diet, their physical activity, and ageing. It is a mobile, multi-platform, and multi-user device that is sufficient for whole family.

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