MyBiody Balance in the top 5 of the 250 startups rated by Early Metrics

MyBiody Balance, rated 83/100, enter the very restricted club of Early Metrics’ 5 stars startups, the n°1 startup rating agency.


An excellency rating for MyBiody Balance

Early Metrics, the n°1 startup rating agency has just released the grade obtained by MyBiody Balance. The Parisian startup pass this exam by getting an 83/100 grade.

This result allows the company to position itself directly among the other already rated startups. Its rating method, applied on more than 250 startups since its creation, has already enabled the discovery of pleasant surprises in the European innovation.

An impartial and qualitative evaluation with the company and financial ecosystem.

With an objective and completely independent grading process, Early Metrics wants to be complementary to a business plan review. It studies the advantages and attributes possessed by startups to quickly become international and profitable.

The grade is the result of the aggregation of more than 50 extra-financial criteria which are essentially focused on the executive team, the project, the innovation and its attractive power, as well as its market potential.

MyBiody Balance: one of tomorrow French success stories.

The goal of Early Metrics is to rationalize the potential of the startups and offer to its clients, each month, a direct access to the best of them. MyBiody Balance, first company of connected device of instantaneous body checkup, has been called thanks to this rating as one of the French success stories in the European startups ecosystem.

MyBiody Balance: a general use technology supported by the medical sector.

After 12 years of sharing partaking experience with the medical sector, BBRC-Aminogram launched the first device of instantaneous and connected body checkup intended for general use. MyBiody Balance is a diagnostic and health prevention tool from the medical sector which measures with accuracy the excesses and deficits of the body balance. A biological imbalance can be the early sign of a serious pathology (obesity, dehydration, bone decalcification, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes…)

About Early Metrics

Founded by Antoine Baschiera and Sébastien Paillet, Early Metrics positions itself as the first startup rating agency. It offers a new rating methodology which is global and adequate for the startups. Clients (banks, investment funds…) obtain a detection and rating service when the startup is simply the object of studies and do not pay for its own rating.

For investors or corporates, Early Metrics prospects then evaluates projects with their own requirements in terms of maturity or sector of activity. The client receives each month a notice concerning the startups fitting the criteria of Early Metrics as well as its grade. Its rating method, applied on more than 250 startups since its creation, has already enabled the discovery of pleasant surprises in the European innovation.

"A startup never pay for its rating. Our objectivity and our independence are guaranteed by our economic model and our rating methodology, validated by our scientific Committee. Concerning the track record, we are already able to establish a strong link between the rankings provided those last 6 months and their future (capital raising and development). If the startup exceed a 75/100 grade, it has a significant chance to develop with success." Antoine Baschiera, Early Metrics CEO
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MYBIODY est le seul appareil connecté du secteur e-santé qui permet d’établir un check-up corporel immédiat. MYBIODY est un appareil de prévention et de contrôle, qui permet à l’utilisateur de suivre les effets sur son organisme : de son alimentation, de son activité sportive et du vieillissement. Il est mobile, connecté sur tous systèmes et multi-utilisateur. Un appareil suffit pour chaque famille.

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MYBIODY is the only digital health wearable device able to establish an immediate health check up. MYBIODY is a prevention and monitoring tool allowing users to follow the effects on their health of : their diet, their physical activity, and ageing. It is a mobile, multi-platform, and multi-user device that is sufficient for whole family.

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